Agile KS 1 – Stakeholder Management for Agile project – PMI-ACP Exam

Agile KS 1 – Stakeholder Management for Agile project – PMI-ACP Exam

Stakeholders includes anyone that will be impacted / have an impact on the project (i.e. including sponsor, vendors, final customer, etc.) but excluding the project team in Agile projects

In traditional project management, stakeholders include the project team

Stakeholder management tasks involve:

  • Identify stakeholders that are relevant to the project success
  • Encourage / invite stakeholder involvement
  • Manage stakeholder interests actively
  • Discuss frequently the end results with stakeholders for expectation management
  • Show stakeholders project progress and capabilities with demos / presentations for engagement
  • Discuss estimates and projections openly (even in case of bad news)

May need to educate stakeholders about Agile project management processes and benefits

Maintain a good relationship with all stakeholders and provide updated information to stakeholders

Short iteration cycles allow stakeholders to be closely and frequently engaged

Do not forget to invite stakeholders to retrospectives and planning meetings.


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