Tìm hiểu công cụ Testing / Product Evaluation ITTO trong luyện thi PMP

Testing is an organized and constructed investigation conducted to provide objective information about the quality of the product or service under test in accordance with the project requirements. The intent of testing is to find errors, defects, bugs, or other nonconformance problems in the product or service. The type, amount, and extent of tests needed to evaluate each requirement are part of the project quality plan and depend on the nature of the project, time, budget, and other constraints. Tests can be performed throughout the project, as different components of the project become available, and at the end of the project on the final deliverables. Early testing helps identify nonconformance problems and helps reduce the cost of fixing the nonconforming components.

Different application areas require different tests. For example, software testing may include unit testing, integration testing, black-box, white-box, interface testing, regression testing, Alpha testing, etc. In construction projects, testing may include cement strength, concrete workability test, nondestructive tests at construction sites for testing the quality of hardened concrete structures, and soil tests. In hardware development, testing may include environmental stress screening, burn-in tests, system testing, and more.


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