Functional Manager (FM) là người có quyền quản lý một đơn vị nào đó của tổ chức (organization unit), thông thường đây là một phòng ban. FM thường làm những công việc đang xảy ra (ongoing), và không thuộc một project team nào mà FM lại liên quan đến những mục tiêu, mục đích để đảm bảo chiến lược và tầm nhìn của cty.

4 Vai trò của một Function Manager FM

  1. Subject Matter Expert:
    • Give professional suggestion and provide direction to others within unit.
    • Convey knowledge to other
  2. Work Management:
    • Tracking processes and managing tasks
    • Hiểu biết về nguồn lực, tính ưu tiên và sử dụng nguồn lực hiệu quả nhất
  3. Staff Development
    • Provide 1:1 training and carreer development for individual and team.
    • Review performance and find out better solution or methods
  4. Process Improvement
    • Identify and address the inefficiency.
    • Provide necessary tool and coaching and education.
    • Establish standards and best practices


Skills of Functional Manager:

  1. Technical skills are essential for functional managers, because they require specific knowledge and capabilities to accomplish their tasks.
  2. Communication skills refer to functional manager’s ability to transfer the information to others effectively and efficiently. Functional managers need to convey information to subordinates so that subordinates are able to understand what is expected from higher authorities. Once they better understand overall goals and requirements, they work with colleagues to achieve the organisation’s goals.
  3. Decision making skills require functional managers to have the ability to weight the positives and negatives of each decision. Moreover, this skill also require functional managers to recognize problems and opportunities quickly and correctly, then they should take appropriate actions to solve the problems or capitalize the opportunities.
  4. Functional managers also need interpersonal skills because they need to get along with people within or outside of their function, for example, senior managers or investors. Sometimes they need to face customers as well.
  5. Time management skills also essential for functional managers, they need to manage their work efficiently and delegate appropriately. A good functional manager should be able to accomplish tasks on time.


FM vs PM

Functional managers are accountable to manage people with specific skills and different resources within a department or section to meet functional objectives as well as corporate objectives. Project managers must bring people together from different functions and specific skills to accomplish specialized tasks within a required time.


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